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Marine Solutions & Support International (Pvt) Ltd (MSSI) Provides Technical, Logistics, Consultancy and Project Management Services in the Field of Marine Engineering.

MSSI aspires to be a globally recognized and trusted brand providing concrete value to its clients from taking their commitment to successful accomplishment.



Technical Support

Our capabilities include installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs, indigenous development of mechanical equipment/ machinery/ systems.

Project Consultancy

We offer a comprehensive range of marine consultancy services, project management services and support with advanced corporate operations.

Logistics Support

Procurement, supply of spares / material for all types of machinery, equipment,  systems, platforms and industries, to implementing and managing the entire supply chain.

MSSI has an agency agreement with Safe Boats International LLC of USA. Safe Boats International supplied Fast Response Boats (Arc Angels and Defender 300's) to Pakistan Maritime Security Agency of Pakistan (PMSA).

MSSI has an agency agreement with eurosource ltd of UK who is supplier of pipeline products for a variety of industrial sectors including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Utilities. Eurosource Ltd are focused on innovative developments, maximising the use of modern technology to improve procurement and supply chain management.

MSSI has an agency agreement with SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. of Greece who have supplied submarine batteries to Pakistan Navy. SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A., member of Panos Germanos group of companies, Olympia, keeps on recording successes in international tenders for submarine batteries, having a winning percentage of 70%.

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