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MSSI (Pvt) Ltd provides Technical, Logistics, Consultancy and Project Management Services in the field of marine engineering. We handle procurement, fabrication, installation, maintenance and repairs of mechanical, electrical, electronics and telecom related machinery, equipment and systems

Technical Support


Installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs, indigenous design etc. of mechanical equipment/ machinery/system including boilers, ICE, auxiliaries, Refrigeration & air conditioning, piping, hydraulics, pneumatics, transmission, shafting, propellers etc.


Installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, indigenous design, functional replacement etc. of electrical equipment/machinery/systems including power generation & distribution (AC/DC), submarine propulsion batteries, control systems, automated systems, auxiliary systems, yard services etc.


Installation, commissioning, maintenance, repairs, indigenous design, functional replacement etc. of electronics equipment/ systems installation including Radars, Sonars, communication equipment, navigation equipment, ECM, ESM, ECCM, missiles, torpedoes, gunnery systems etc.

Hull and structure

Refurbishment, repair, renewal, maintenance of large & small craft hull structure, frames & hull fittings including grit blasting, preservation & Painting etc.

Logistics Support

Logistics services being provided by MSSI include procurement, supply and installation of machinery, equipment and systems ( e.g. mechanical, electrical & electronics), spares and test equipment for operation and maintenance purpose of machinery/equipment ( e.g. generators, motors, compressors, boats, vehicles, marine equipment/systems etc.).

Works/Projects undertaken by existing expertise during their previous jobs in private sectors

  • Repair & calibration of 0-2 bar pressure transmitter for Agosta Submarines as well as provision of a 0-25 bar pressure transmitter.
  • Moulding & fabrication of Bescon on LESM cables for Agosta Submarines.
  • Functional replacement of engine control panel onboard PN missile boats.
  • Functional replacement of FWCC display screen for Agosta 90B Submarines.
  • Complete refurbishment of 04 Pakistan Coastguard Boats.
  • Procurement, installation and trials of 250 KW diesel generator for PN through DP(Nay).
  • Procurement, installation and commissioning of Fuming Cabinet for PN Dockyard Lab through DP(Navy).
  • Repairs through replacement of hard disk with customized heat sink jacket for sonar onboard Agosta 90B Submarines.
  • Installation and trials of FLIR Night Vision Cameras onboard four MSA Corvettes.
  • Fabrication of resilient mountings for FWCC cabinets onboard Agosta 90B Submarines.
  • Design, fabrication and commissioning of Baking Oven for PN through DP(Navy).

Repair / Refurbishment / Upgradation of main winch control system of hoisting/lowering trolley – PNS IQBAL:

  • Hoisting/lowering trolley used for handling of X-Craft was malfunctioning due to defective control system.
  • Defect rectification of this trolley was an operational requirement. This defect was rectified within one week at one third of the cost in comparison to the cost quoted by other vendors in Nov 2013.
  • Upon rectification of defect, the trials of the trolley were conducted in a professional manner due availability of experienced team comprising of ex submariners. .

Survey & Repair of Pressure Hull of X-Craft 03:

  • Pakistan Navy opted for up-gradation of X-Craft 03 due to obsolescence of major system/equipments. Health of pressure hull needed to be ascertained prior making decision for up-gradation.PN Dockyard resources were pre-occupied with other projects in hand. MTSS was tasked by Naval Headquarters to conduct survey of pressure hull and other strength structures of the Craft. The project of pressure hull survey consisted of following major activities:
  1. Visual inspection of paint work and base metal
  2. Thickness measurement of hull plating – extensive grinding work involved for preparation of 12000 points
  3. Depth measurement of the pitting at 12000 grids
  4. Magnetic Particle Inspection of weld joints
  5. Dye Penetration of weld joints.

Repair of Mass Chaff System for PNS QUWWAT:

  • Mass Chaff system of PNS QUWWAT was defective.
  • Upon request of PN Dockyard the repairs of the system were successfully undertaken by MTSS in Dec 2013.
  • Subsequently, trials of the system were conducted and found satisfactory.

Repair/Up-gradation, Refurbishment of 01 Overhead Crane (05Ton) Midget Group PNS IQBAL:

  • The overhead crane installed at PNS IQBAL Midget hangar was defective.
  • The defect was analyzed and Control box of crane was replaced along with winding of the motor.
  • Associated other motors were also overhauled in May 2014.
  • Subsequently, trials of the crane were conducted and found satisfactory.

Repair/Refurbishment of VFD-2 Power Inverter 31-37KW 61-73 AMPs:

  • Power Inverter used in communication system of PNS QUWWAT was defective.
  • Upon request of PN Dockyard the repairs of the system were successfully undertaken by replacement of defective PCBs in Feb 2014.
  • Trials of the system were conducted and found satisfactory.



Repair/Refurbishment of 01 Overhead Crane (05 Ton) Boat Shop PN Dockyard:

  • The overhead crane installed at Boat shop of PN Dockyard was defective.
  • The drive gear of crane was found defective.
  • Accordingly, the gear was manufactured and installed in April 2014.
  • The trials of the crane were found satisfactory.

Fabrication of Hull Sleeve Flanges Qty 06:

  • Worn out flanges of hull sleeves onboard PNS/HURMAT needed replacement.
  • MTSS was tasked for fabrication of 06 flanges of 03 different sizes.
  • The requisite drawings & material were acquired from PN Dockyard.
  • The manufactured flanges were handed over to SMM Department for quality control checks.
  • Upon qualification, the flanges have been installed onboard PNS/M HURMAT in Feb 2014.o.